BEAMIDE among companies selected by Sviluppumbria for support

Sviluppumbria SMARTup Tender: BEAMIDE Selected for Support

In a bid to support new entrepreneurs from Umbria, the regional government launched the SMARTup tender, which attracted 22 startup applications. Among the winners were six Perugian startups, including BEAMIDE, which will receive support through an accompanying program for the entire project duration.

According to Mayor Romizi, innovative startups are crucial to the economic and industrial growth of Umbria and Perugia. He emphasizes that both innovation and sustainability must be the present and future objectives to support a digital revolution that offers opportunities and business models to investors in the region.

BEAMIDE and the other five startups in Perugia, as well as those in other municipalities, have taken up the challenge to promote innovation in their fields. This support will not only benefit the startups but will also contribute to the overall growth of the region.