Beamide receives the prestigious Premio America Innovazione 2024

Thursday, March 14, the startup Beamide received from the Fondazione Italia USA the prestigious America Innovation Award at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

The America Innovation Award aims to enhance every year the 300 best entrepreneurial talents, among about 14 thousand operating in Italy, who have conceived and created innovative and competitive startups in the world of the global market and global challenges. This is a recognition of international prestige, which represents a qualification and quality certification in front of investors and markets.

To collect the award went the co-founders of the company Efe Alpat and Giovanni Bartolini, proudly accompanied by Ali Behcet Alpat, creator and scientific coordinator of the project MRADSIM. 

The spin-off company of INFN, was selected because it has designed and produced a software to simulate the effect of radiation on sensitive systems. MRADSIM is a versatile tool that can be used both for the aero-space sector and in the fields of medical and nuclear physics

Preventing, monitoring and researching new methods of radiation remediation is of utmost importance in a context where radiation is beginning to have an important impact on global health and defence.

Beamide’s goal is to provide the tools to monitor radiation and prevent damage from it. “We are very proud to have obtained this important recognition. We are immersed in the research and development of MRADSIM with great dedication, and seeing our efforts recognized recharges
us with new energy. We are very satisfied with the results obtained and we are very grateful to our multi-cultural team for having dedicated themselves with enthusiasm and devotion to this project.

We thank the Fondazione Italia USA which, in addition to the valuable recognition, also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of two important scholarships for the Master in “Leadership for International Relations and Made in Italy” in which numerous internationally renowned teachers will participate.”

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