BEAMIDE, a start-up focused on developing innovative solutions for radiation protection, is also supported by Invitalia. The main project of BEAMIDE is the development of MRADSIM software, a modern and intuitive tool for simulating the effects of radiation on electronic and electromechanical devices. With a user-friendly interface, MRADSIM will enable experts and non-programmers to study and simulate radiation effects efficiently. The software includes innovative functions such as GPU processors for faster simulations and immediate graphical feedback of the results.

In addition to MRADSIM, BEAMIDE is also involved in developing a portable personal dosimeter called PDOZ. This innovative gamma/X-ray, electron, and neutron dosimetry device uses new detection techniques and battery power supply, making it suitable for various fields such as environmental monitoring, territorial security, medicine, and radiation protection in research centers and nuclear plants.

The support of Invitalia has been instrumental in BEAMIDE’s development, providing resources and guidance to help the company grow and expand. With the support of Invitalia and its innovative solutions, BEAMIDE is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the field of radiation protection.