BEAMIDE is one of the best nominations of DEEPTECH STARTUPS in Italy

Deep Tech is a digital platform that helps connect deep tech startups with potential investors. The companies are founded on a scientific discovery or a significant engineering innovation. The term indicates innovative technologies that derive from scientific discoveries in various fields, such as engineering, mathematics, physics, and medicine. They range from engineering to physics and the science of advanced materials, from artificial intelligence to advanced manufacturing techniques. And again, the so-called, aerospace, and new experiments in the energy sector.

Last July, the Europe  Commission presented a new common agenda, which has deeptech startups at its core. The aim is to strengthen the role of the European Union in guiding the energy and digital transitions, increasing its economic effort to finance new high-tech projects. To do so, the EU executive body aims to improve access to finance for startups and scaleups, support the creation of regional innovation valleys, and attract and retain talent, through the training of one million talents in innovation. The Commission and the institutions must continue to invest and take responsibility for promoting frontier technologies and developing a new generation of scientific talent and entrepreneurs. Italy planning to invest two billion a year for another five years. BEAMIDE is one of the best nominations for DEEPTECH STARTUPS in Italy.