14 Marzo 2023


Deep Tech is a digital platform that helps connect deep tech startups with potential investors. The companies are founded on a scientific discovery or a significant […]
14 Marzo 2023

We are Hiring!

Are you looking for a new opportunity? BEAMIDE is hiring Mid/Senior C++ Software Engineers to join our team. As a spin-off company of INFN-Perugia, we specialize […]
9 Febbraio 2023

MRADSIM-Converter: un nuovo software per la conversione da STEP a GDML

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the first MRADSIM paper on Computer Physics Communications, which covers the free version of MRADSIM-Converter. The paper discusses […]
19 Gennaio 2023

MRADSIM-Converter è stato presentato alla scuola di Geant4

MRADSIM-Converter and MRADSIM-Space are powerful software tools that help engineers and researchers simulate radiation effects on electronic devices and components. MRADSIM-Converter converts CAD files into the […]
12 Gennaio 2023

Radiation Detector MRADSIM among pilot projects of EOSC

BEAMIDE is an innovative spin-off of INFN (Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics) with core business of radiation hardness assurance services tests and software & innovative […]
12 Gennaio 2023

Invitalia supports Beamide

BEAMIDE, a start-up focused on developing innovative solutions for radiation protection, is also supported by Invitalia. The main project of BEAMIDE is the development of MRADSIM […]
12 Gennaio 2023

BEAMIDE tra le aziende selezionate da Sviluppumbria per il sostegno

Sviluppumbria SMARTup Tender: BEAMIDE Selected for Support In a bid to support new entrepreneurs from Umbria, the regional government launched the SMARTup tender, which attracted 22 […]
12 Gennaio 2023

Seguici su LinkedIn e YouTube

Welcome to the BEAMIDE social media page! We are an innovative start-up founded in Perugia in 2021 as a spin-off of INFN, with a focus on […]
12 Gennaio 2023

BEAMIDE the new INFN spin-off

BEAMIDE S.r.l. : A New INFN Spin-Off Developing Innovative Radiation Simulation Software Beamide S.r.l.  is an innovative start-up company founded in Perugia at the end of […]